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Systemic Constellations Work

For past 10 years I've been in the "field", working as a systemic constellations therapist, enjoying every moment and opportunity to work with people.

Systemic constellations work include family constellations, organizational constellations and structural constellations. This work emerged out of psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, systems theory and phenomenology.

Bert Hellinger was pivotal in bringing these strands together in the development of this technique.

Systemic constellations are an effective tool in the resolution of interpersonal problems in both families and organizations. Constellations have also been used in educational, health care, prisons and other social services.

Families and individuals can address issues such as addiction, marriage and relationship, physical and mental illness, adoption, grief, employment and finances.

Organizations can use this process to focus on restructuring, communication, team motivation, harassment, ethical questions, decision making, strategic issues and mission statements. Constellations may also reveal a new perspective on issues related to inheritance, family businesses, war, crimes and race.

Systemic constellations are uniquely suited to individuals, families and organizations that aspire to living life at its full potential.